2017.01.24. PORTMAN WESTERN RESTAURANT 中国黑龙江省哈尔滨市尚志市中央大街波特曼西餐厅


Food 3.0/5.0
Service 2.0/5.0
Ambience 5.0/5.0
Price $$$

Address  Zhongyang St,  Harbin Shi, Heilongjiang Sheng, China, 150018   (哈尔滨道理区中央大街西七道街休闲区53号 中央商城,马迭尔附近)
Phone number +86 451 8468 6888
Hours of operation
Monday –  Sunday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

After whole day professional photo shooting, my boyfriend, and my parents have already super hungry. We went to try Russian Food nearby. The restaurant named PORTMAN WESTERN RESTAURANT, which located on Zhangyang St. Harbin. It was very famous Russian Restaurant in my hometown. When I was Child, my family was used to go here to have a dinner. At that time, the food here was great. My family and I went to Portman with high expectations this time, but it turned out that it became one of the worst dining experiences we’ ve ever had,  from the service to the food. The waiters were unfriendly and slow.They all seemed to hate this job so much. When we asked questions about the menu, neither of them gave us what we want to know. We ordered the desserts for, after the dinner, they brought up them before the dinner. We asked them to keep the desserts in the back, and we would eat after the dinner. The server was totally ignored us. Food came very slow and not fresh. My favorite dish Russian Red Soup was not even hot. I had a worse experience with this restaurant.


Russian Traditional Soup (红菜汤) 


Russian Style Vegetable Salad (蔬菜沙拉) 


Pickles (酸黄瓜) 


Bread (俄罗斯面包) 


Red Wine (自酿红酒) 


Russian Style Black Pepper Steak ( 黑椒牛扒 )


Cheese … (奶汁杂拌) 


Pot Shrimp and Pot Lamb  (罐虾& 罐羊) 


Russian Style BBQ Port (俄式猪肉饼)







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