The Dolar shop was opened in Landsdowne Center Richmond in 2018. It’s a hotpot restaurant, but it serves a whole new tier of hot pot that each customer will have their own flavors of hotpot broth. I had The Dolar Shop twice with my friends in two months so far. I enjoyed my lunch with my friends at this restaurant.

Environment: Because of the perfect location in Landsdowne Center, the Dolar shop has attracted so many customers. After busy shopping in the mall, people have lunch or dinner at the Dolar Shop. It will be perfect for them. Also, they don’t have to worry about parking. There are so many parking spots around the mall.

The Dolar Shop locates right at the entrance of the mall. Inside the restaurant, the space is very big and comfortable. The white decor makes the whole restaurant bright, clean, and enjoyable.

The waiting areas have provided Chinese Traditional Snacks for customers has a try. It shows that the restaurant very cares about the guests. Inside the restaurant, each table has individual indiction stove for each customer hotpot, which is very unique

Table Setting.

Service: When we got into the restaurant and sat down, the servers brought us the menu and began service us. The Dolar shop is different from any hotpot restaurant, they charge all the guests an additional $3.99 for dipping sauce. There are two different sauces sections. The server made a special sauce for you (green onions, garlic, cilantro, Thai chili and soy sauce) and you could also get access to the sauce bar as well as appetizers and seasonal fruits as well. The Dolar Shop has lots of sauce for you to select. If you are the sauce person, this is a great place to eat hotpot.

The server made for each individual guest

The sauce from the front. We can make our own sauce.

Food: At the Dolar Shop, everyone has to order their own broth ($5-$8/person) to begin. Then, we order all the ingredients together as a group. For the soup broths, the Dolar Shop has 6 different kinds of broth for you to choices, such as Combination of Szechuan Hot & Spicy with The Dolar Shop Spare Rib Broth, Tomato Beef, Szechuan Hot & Spicy, Pepper Pork Tripe, and Chicken Broth, Pork Leg Bone Broth, and Mushroom Broth. I have tried most of them. The mushroom Broth is my most favorite. I have ordered it all the time.

Pork Leg Bone Broth

Mushroom Broth

Besides the soup broths, all the vegetable and meat will be a charge too. It’s not all you can eat, so the price of the food is expensive. There is a large selection of beef on their menu and some lamb. The quality of the meat were really awesome and super delicious as well.



Box of beef

wagyu cubes

Final Thoughts: All the food tasted great in this place. It’s very authentic Chinese food. However, the price of the food is super expensive. Suggest going to this place with a group of people. This way you can try more different food at this restaurant.

ADDRESS: 5300 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2X9


Monday(Civic Holiday)11:30a.m.–11p.m.Hours might differ

PHONE: (604) 370-7077


  • Food
  • Service
  • Atmosphere
  • Cleanliness
  • Price (1Expensive to 5Cheap)


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