Address 10344 King George Boulevard, Suite 102, Surrey, Surrey, BC V3T 2W5
Phone number (778) 395-8989
Hours of operation
Monday – Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday 11 AM – 9 PM

King’s roll 6pc $6.00

Spam, cucumber, oshinko, crabstick, cheddar cheese, spicy mayo, masago


Takoyaki 6pcs $5.00


California Combo 12pcs $9.00

8pcs california roll, 2pcs tuna nigiri, 2pcs salmon nigiri


Volcano roll $12.00

deep-fried roll (spicy tuna, spicy salmon, cream cheese, cucumber) on a bed of greens with unagi sauce, hot sauce, spicy mayo, masago


Green Tea Ice-cream $1.00


Brown Combo 8pcs $8.00

6pcs unagi roll, 2pcs unagi nigiri


Aburi spicy salmon roll 8pcs $12.00

flame-seared salmon on the top of spicy salmon, cucumber roll with spicy mayo, ikura


Corn Cheese roll $10.00

yam tempura roll with mozzarella cheese & unagi sauce + mayo


Beer $4,50


Tuna tataki roll 8pcs $12.00

flame0seared tuna on the top of avocado, cucumber roll with ponzu sauce +mango sauce


Crazy Roll $5.95

deep fried California roll with unagi sauce


Tobiko + Quail Egg $2.75


Yammy Roll 8 pcs $9.00

deep fried yam on the top of avo+cucumber roll topped with deep fried shredded yam, and teriyaki sauce


Spicy Salmon Sashimi $9.95


Appetizer Platter $9.00

edamamae, takoyaki, gyoza, korokke


Red Combo 10pcs $13

8pcs spicy heaven roll, 2pcs sockeye salmon nigiri


Chocolate Ice Cream ball $1.00


Orange Combo $10 pcs  $9.00

8pcs Washington roll, 2pcs salmon nigiri


Gyu Don $9.00


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Sushi King George
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Sushi King George

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